11th April 2014.

Dag came up to look over the annex this evening. He has been living in a tent in the woods for the past couple of weeks and is interested in taking the place over once I move on. Showing him about the farm and introducing him to the Burnham family has given me a fresh appreciation of the beauty of my home and of my fortune in finding it. Before I met Dag I went out for a short recovery run through Coed Maesnewyddion, down winding woodland ways to Swallow Falls, then along the banks of the Afon Llugwy to Betws-Y-Coed. Dag was waiting at the store and together we walked back up to the farm, talking easily about nothing in particular. By the time we reached the farm the sun was nearly set and dusky shadows were spreading across the yard. Finn, the younger Burnham son, was outside when we arrived, firing a compound bow at a makeshift target. Dag revealed that he had once been a champion archer and that he still shoots regularly. I can tell that, were he to move in, he and Finn would quickly develop a great friendship. I am happy that there is someone good and decent like Dag ready to move in here when I leave.

10th April 2014.

Today I have begun my search for crewing positions. It is almost a year now since I traveled to Aegina to learn to sail and skipper; almost a year and a half since I began my employment at Cotswold Outdoor. I have been guilty of a kind of cowardice, I suppose. Like so many others in this society I have become preoccupied with securing my financial position, to the detriment of my true passions. Worse still, I realize that I have begun to disbelieve that it is even possible to exist outside of the established system. I have behaved much like a cloistered monk who’s abstinence serves only to protect his faith, rather than further it.